How To Save Your Face (Literally)
When you say ‘save face’ means to preserve reputation. But in this case, limpeh just want to look yandao again lah.

As you all may already know, limpeh’s face damn yandao one. But during this CB period ah, limpeh’s face become so cui that anyone who sees it sure siam. Nowadays got double reason to wear mask sia.

Like the kaypoh CCB that I am, limpeh decided to do some research. Thanks to Keefe Chie, sales and marketing director of the award-winning skincare brand Jyunka, limpeh learnt some important lessons to save my face.

3 Frequently Faced Questions by Limpeh
1. Why my pimples and blackheads multiply so much, macam like buy one get one free?

Keefe says that maybe limpeh’s sleeping habits abit spoil liao cause limpeh Netflix whole night and sleep whole afternoon. Or maybe limpeh forget to drink water cause whole day dreaming about BBT. It could even be because limpeh develop the bad habit of not washing my face, since now I cannot see my BB anyway mah.

Jialat! Then how?

Easy peasy lah. Sleep regular hours, drink more water, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, wash your face regularly. Give you pro tip: Try using a combination of Jyunka 5-in-1 Gel Cleanser ($73) in the morning and Jyunka Purify Scrub Cleanser ($62) at night to freshen up and unclog your skin.

2. Why my skin become so dull and dark ah? Eyebags like panda, skin also not smooth like baby already.

Keefe share with me that other than the reasons above, it could be because limpeh WFH too much and the additional screen time is affecting limpeh’s beautiful skin. Basically, the top layer of the skin is dying at a very fast rate. Dead skin cells cause limpeh’s skin to look dry and feel rough. Even if I use any atas products, they are applied on limpeh’s dead skin cells which will be the first to absorb any active ingredients.

Jialat! Then how?

Don’t worry lah. Just do a peel — like how limpeh peel oranges. Peeling removes excess dead skin cells and immediately reveals your beautiful skin underneath. Shine bright like a diamond! Tell you ah, can use Jyunka Epidermal Peel Kit ($119) once a week for a safe and easy way to reveal your natural glow, just like limpeh!

3. Why my skin look so tired ah? Looks like I aged 10 years after CB sia.

Most likely hor, it’s the stress that limpeh experienced at home lah. Having to cook 3 meals a day, needing to clean the house more often than usual, keeping the children busy, or simply being worried about the future. These are things that the majority of us face.

Jialat! Then how?

Simple lah. Limpeh just got to have some ‘me time’. Take an hour every day to lepak one corner, read a book, maybe even put on a mask. Speaking of masks, limpeh give you one lobang: Revitalise your skin with the Absolute Mask ($32 for one mask) then use the Jyunka Elixir Serum ($279) and Jyunka Elixir Cream ($268) for some radiance and an instant pick-me-up!

Limpeh’s research very solid hor? Now that you know all these, you can save your face and not be paiseh to show it when CB finally ends. Meanwhile, continue to take care of your skin and stay hansum like limpeh!

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