This disclaimer (“disclaimer”, “agreement”, “sibei fine print”, “limpeh ka legal kong”) is an agreement between Website Operator (“website Operator”, “us”, “we”, “our”, or “limpeh”) and you (“user”, “you”, “your”, “li”, “si geena”).

This sibei fine print is to double confirm how limpeh want you to use limpeh’s CCB website (URL: and any of its products or services (collectively, “lobang” or “kangtao”).

If limpeh’s CCB website got opinion, is just limpeh say one, ok? Don’t anyhow say other people say one. But hor, limpeh never want to say wrong thing about anybody – boy, ger, aunty, uncle, ah mah, ah kong, any race, religion, or organization. Sekali they sensi sia.

Limpeh worked very hard to make all the lobang and kangtao on limpeh’s CCB website tokong and sibei accurate. But if got mistake here and there, limpeh is not liable ok?

Limpeh’s CCB website is for fun nia, ok? If you have health problem, please see real doctor. If got legal problem, please see real lawyer. Limpeh never study so cannot help you.

If you continue to use limpeh’s CCB website, that means you agree with what limpeh tell you here ok? If don’t agree, limpeh don’t mind one. You don’t use limpeh’s CCB website can liao. Steady boh?

Limpeh 10 April 2020 write one. If this page got change, limpeh will tell you on this page. Dun kancheong. (In case you catch no ball, dun scared. Limpeh got ask limpeh lawyer friend to translate limpeh into Queen England here)