Which Kind of Volunteer Are You?
Your personality could be the right fit for these volunteer opportunities.

CB has been sibei eye-opening for limpeh sia. While it has brought out the worst in some (ahem, panic buyers and Covidiots!), it has also restored my faith in humanity to see so many going out of their way to help those who need it the most during this trying time.

Limpeh has taken the liberty to categorise them based on personality types so you can easily find the zhun zhun fit for you.

If you’re looking to lend a helping hand this CB, then here’s a list of organisations which need volunteers. Limpeh has taken the liberty to categorise them based on personality types so you can easily find the zhun zhun fit for you.

Personality Type #1: The Social Butterfry

Pre-CB, you were super pops, the first contact on everyone’s TGIF call list. But now, your extrovert wings have been clipped and you’re beginning to have full conversations with your reflection.

If you buay tahan the loneliness oredi, then you’re perfect for the role as a Kampung Kaki. Get matched with kakis in your community—the elderly, low-income families and at-risk residents—who are living in isolation and need of someone to talk to.

Or, if you want to flex your wordsmithing skillz, you can become pen-pals with vulnerable migrant workers or offer your assistance in other ways with Singapore Migrant Friends.

Personality Type #2: The Yaya Papaya

You are the king of trivia nights and enjoy spewing sibei chim words like ‘sovereign’. If you want to be a LEGEN-wait for it-DARY smarty pants, then take a stab at one of the most noble professions of all… teaching!

Many students are struggling with home-based learning (HBL), especially those who do not have access to online tuition services. If you want flex your knowledge, you can sign up with COVID-19 Tutoring Support for Students. Share share lah!

There are also many migrant workers who are interested on levelling up their English game. So if your English can make it, check out MAD Wish.

Personality Type #3: The People Whisperer

You’re a great listener, and are the go-to guy for advice on love, life and everything in between.

If this sounds like you and you’ve been trained in offering psychological aid, then you can help National CARE Hotline provide emotional support to those battling stress and anxiety arising from COVID-19.

Also, as most people are staying home because of the circuit breaker, some people are facing domestic abuse. In March alone, AWARE Singapore received 619 calls from victims —its highest-ever number of monthly reports. You can volunteer as a helpliner to offer valuable support and information to callers.

Personality Type #4: The No-Nonsense Nancy/Nicholas

You’re sharp as a tack. Sometimes your words can be sibei cutting, but deep down inside, you just mean well.

Since you’re not afraid of sharp and pointy things, then contribute your time to sewing reusable cloth masks for needy families, women and children from various shelters, foreign workers, and other vulnerable groups with Masks Sewn with Love.

If not ah, you can donate your blood to Singapore Red Cross Society. Since the CB measures were put in place, their supply has been dwindling while demand remains high. Come as you are — all also accepted!

Personality Type #5: The Snack Monster

Since you love food, why not help the guys at Willing Hearts to prep, cook, pack and distribute meals to underprivileged Singaporeans and migrant workers. Or, join forces with Meals on Wheels to deliver food to seniors living alone.

Limpeh knows all you CCBs like having options one, so I give you many many. Now, take your pick and be a brudder/sista by supporting those in our community who are struggling during this difficult time!