By Hanson Ho, Founder of H55

The ‘Cross’ (X) has become a sign of our times. Marked on tables and seating areas to ensure social distancing, it is self-explanatory, authoritative and clear in its intent to communicate a strict ‘No’ or ‘Wrong’ in the context of restrictions and judgement.
However, X can take on the opposing side of the anti-establishment and liberal when seen through the wider lens of counterculture: X may suggest rebelliousness, rejection and disruption.

Malcolm X adopted the last name 'X' to represent his rejection and canceling of his ‘slave’ name. It is noted that the ‘X’ in 'Generation X’ refers to an unknown variable or to a desire not to be defined as a generation. Brian Donnelly aka KAWS causes visual disruption by stamping his trademark XX over familiar imagery. The X symbol is often seen in a negative light. But in these changing times, perhaps it could signify the abolishment of old ways of living, while we make head-space for our new found priorities.