Speed Blur

By Jonathan Yuen, Creative Director of Roots

2020 certainly has been a strange year, and when the COVID-19 started to get serious and followed by cricuit breaker lockdowns, everything seems to happen rather urgently quick, and every normalcy seems upended. Staying at home for a stretch of months without stepping out seems to induce a time-dilation effect on my memory. Same routines are repeated every day without a same confined space, and days go by that sometimes Sunday and Monday no longer bear any difference.

A better part of the year then seems to just speed past in a blurry moment, without having a concrete grip on any particular moment that allows me to anchor my experience and memory on. This piece is a speed blur extruded from a photo I took of my cat, sleeping in the same spot every day, and seems to best summarise my memory for the most part of 2020.