How to be Steady with PM Lee for Phase 2
Ah Beng brings you tips on socially responsible social gatherings and other insights from our Phase 2 survey.

Wa finally Phase 2 start already, did you all go out over the weekend?

Limpeh went to eat hotpot with a few friends – eh, only five people total lah, don’t sabo – and wah, sibeh shiok! After eating instant noodles and ordering delivery for so many weeks, finally can eat something nice and outside of my house. I damn happy lah!

Last week, I asked you all to do a survey “How Buddy Would You Be With PM Lee?”. Fun or not? How many of you got BFFs with PM Lee? You guys steady pom pi pi, maybe next time PM Lee will jio you to lim kopi together.

The survey results also quite interesting, so limpeh want to share with you some thoughts and remind you all to take care of yourself when you all go out during Phase 2.

No surprise most of you want to go out and have a social life. No need to sit in front of your laptop and have virtual dates, now finally can sit face-to-face and hold hands like normal couples. But remember, cannot kiss in public yet – masks must still remain on hor!

Confirm got many of you also spent a lot of money shopping online during CB, then you all don’t like what you bought right? Dress colour not as vibrant as the picture on the website, shoe too tight…now can finally go out and try before you buy loh!

Some more now most of the shops can open already, Orchard Road like very popular again ah? Better try not to go these places so much ah. Also, limpeh noticed something. Singapore got so many shopping malls, but why are these three places the most popular?

I know liao, it’s because these three shopping centres got DAISO! Buy too much stuff online now you need $2 containers and shelves to organise your room right? I also know this pattern, because limpeh bought too many hand sanitisers they are stacking up in my room!

So when you all go out to shop or eat, must remember to observe social distancing ok? Over the weekend limpeh saw some people stand so close to one another in the queue, walan the person behind me like going to whisper into my ear sia!

Siao eh, don’t need scared people cut your queue lah. 1-metre apart ok! The retail staff will also be on standby to manage the queue, so listen to their instructions and don’t be rude to them ah. Don’t be a CB, be a CCB!

You people very funny sia. We have already been through CB + Phase 1 for nearly 12 weeks, so many people still don’t really care about social responsibility. You all scared kena scolded by the person for telling him or her to put on a mask like Miss Sovereign is it?

Honestly, we also will forget to put on the mask sometimes what. It’s just a habit. This morning limpeh was going to go out to buy kopi, I took my wallet, phone and keys, unlocked the gate, then my ah ma shouted at me while she was watching her TV show, “Eh your face very clean ah!” I thought she meant that I finally shaved my beard, then I touched my chin and realised I forgot to wear my mask, alamak!

So don’t need to worry lah, just a friendly reminder can really go a long way. We call our Facebook page “Community Care Buddy” but if we don’t act like one, how can!

Also, the six of you who said you all will take photo of the person and post on social media, don’t be a Covidiot lah walao!

We still need to reduce the risk of community spread lah. You see other countries like South Korea and China already kena second wave of the virus after they restarted their economy. Scary right? We better do our part to avoid suffering the same fate. Or else, you want Circuit Breaker sequel meh? Round 1 limpeh already buay tahan liao, mai lah!

Okay, I need to go get ready for Korean BBQ dinner with my kakis later, already made reservations liao. Limpeh signing out!